Emission-control-label-missing: Each vehicle’s underhood emission control label serves as the primary source for emissions control requirements and to indicate the vehicle’s certification type (California and Federal). It is important to review emission control components on this label, since emission control system technology changes and varies between vehicle manufacturers.

A missing or illegible emission control label does not constitute an inspection failure. In cases where the emission control label is missing or illegible, the inspector may proceed with the inspection provided that the required emission controls can be determined using other sources as described in section 1.3.1. Note: Some diesel-powered vehicles are equipped with a second or additional emission control label affixed to the engine. 

A missing control label can be purchase at local dealership on special order if it's still available. 


BAR Referee Label: When inspecting a SPCNS, grey market vehicle, vehicle with an engine change, or vehicle with a fuel conversion change look for a BAR Referee Label. The BAR Referee Label serves as the primary emission control information source for these vehicles. If a BAR Referee Label is not present, inform the customer to contact the BAR Referee for inspection information.

When equipped with a BAR Referee Label, these vehicles may be inspected and certified by a licensed Smog Check station. Inspectors must inspect the vehicle using the emission control requirements listed on the BAR Referee label.

BAR Referee Labels are typically affixed to the driver’s side door post or, in some cases, located under the hood. In some cases, the BAR Referee Label may provide special or additional instructions. An SPCN, gray market, or vehicle with an engine change without a BAR Referee Label must be first inspected at the Referee.

Referee Label: Usually Located on the Drivers Door


Aftermarket Parts Label: CARB approved or exempted parts are subject to CARB aftermarket parts labeling requirements. These requirements specify that Aftermarket Parts Labels (APL) must be affixed or stamped on approved/exempted parts or, if not practical, installed near the approved/exempted parts.

The labels are required to contain an EO number that can be used to verify CARB approval or exemption, as outlined in section 1.3.1.

Note: A missing or illegible APL does not constitute an inspection failure. In cases where the label is missing or illegible, the inspector may proceed with the inspection, provided the parts can be confirmed as CARB approved or exempted by comparing the part number marked on the part with the CARB EO parts listings or the parts manufacturer catalog.

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The under-hood label can determine if the vehicle OBD II certified and if readiness test needs to be performed. The under-hood label can not determine if an TSI or ASM test is needed. You must consult with the appropriate manual or visually look at the vehicle. 

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