The Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) offers two options to assist motorists. 

Repair Assistance:

Eligible low income motorists whose vehicle fails a biennial Smog Check may receive up to $500 in emissions related repairs. 

As long has the components on the vehicle or not missing, modified or disconnected / Tampered the owner may qualify for assistance. 

Eligible motorists must take their vehicle to a STAR certified Test and Repair station to receive CAP subsidized repairs. 

These Repairs can not be done at a ordinary Test and Repair station. 


Low Income Eligibility

Motorists whose household income is at or below 225% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for repair assistance.

For the latest information, refer to the Smog Check website ( or contact CAP at (866) 272-9642. 


Vehicle Retirement:

Ordinary motorists who meet the eligibility requirements can receive $1,000 to retire their vehicle. Low income motorists who meet the eligibility requirements can receive $1,500 to retire their vehicle.

Two options apply:

 A qualified motorists whose vehicle has failed its most recent Smog Check inspection may opt to retire the vehicle rather than repair the Smog Check failure; OR

 A qualified motorist whose vehicle is not due for biennial inspection may opt to retire their vehicle.

Eligibility requirements to retire a vehicle may be found on the Smog Check website ( under the CAP tab/button.


Consumer Application:

Motorists interested in CAP must apply and qualify for repair assistance or vehicle retirement. A motorist may obtain a CAP application from the Smog Check website, by calling the DCA Consumer Information Center (800) 952-5210, or by calling the CAP administration office at (866) 272-9642.

Station Application:

Licensed Test and Repair stations interested in performing CAP subsidized repairs must obtain STAR certification.

The application for STAR certification details the station qualification criteria. You may download an application from the Smog Check website (, or you may request one from BAR’s Licensing Unit at (916) 403-8477. 

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