Smog Tech Training

Smog Tech Training:

Are you looking for a new career or have the desire to become a Smog Technician ?

Do you feel like you should be earning more money or feel like its time for a better job choice?

Do you need to update your Smog License and need to complete a 16hr. Update Class?

How about your Alternative ASE Certifications, "Specific Diagnostic and Repair Certification" has it been 5 years since you renew your license?

I have a class just for YOU, or we can help YOU stay in compliance with B.A.R 

  • If you lose your Smog License you will lose your job!!!
  • You may have to repeat the whole class again !!!
  • They may tell you to retake the State Exam !!!

Smog Tech Training

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Smog Tech Training:

If you are new and attempting to get your Smog Inspector License for the first time and you have no experience.

You are going to make a wise decision by coming to Abram Friedman Occupational Center, to start your new career and get your Smog License Certification.

You are probably nervous about going back to school, taking tests and passing a final examination.

I can tell YOU this, my only goal is to get you to PASS the State Examination for either the Smog Inspector License or the Smog Repair License.

You can join the next up coming class and I will guide you through the process and prepare you to pass the Smog Technician Examination.

The Smog Technician Inspector Examination failure rate is over 60%, but I can guarantee YOU this.

I have a preparation process and study guide you have never seen anywhere to help YOU PASS the State Test.


If you are looking to keep your current license's up to date, you also came to the right place for your Smog Tech Training.

I can help you also'

Smog Technician Training doesn't have to be expensive!!

Smog Tech Training Cost:

Why spend $2,000.00 plus dollars, to get your Smog Inspector License or Smog Repair License.

Our Inspector License class is less than $900.00 that includes Level 1 and Level 2

Repair License is Less than $750.00 which includes books, test fees / AVI video's with a online home study guide.

That's correct an online study guide which you can use up to the minute before the State Smog Inspection / Repair Examination.

Do you really want to fail the State Smog Technician Test and keep retaking the State Exam over and over wasting time and money.

If you do fail the State Smog Inspector Exam wouldn't you like someone to guide you to help you PASS, after you completed the class.

Wouldn't you appreciate or love to have the option to make a phone call, trust me the state test is confusing and frustrating.

You may need clarity or a better explanation on some of the test questions that you where confuse on.

How would you feel if YOU PASS the State Exam. 

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Abram Friedman Occupational Center Smog Inspector and Engine Performance Classes: 1646 S. Olive St. Los Angles Ca 90015 
Contact info: 1-213-765-2559

                                License Smog Tech Instructor: 

Hello, my name is Nate Davis, and I have been a license B.A.R. Smog Instructor for over 20yrs. "Looking for a Smog School/Class Click Here"

I have also been a drive-ability technician even longer.

I'm ASE certified in A1 Engine Repair - A6 Automotive Electrical and Electronics - A8 Engine performance and L1 Advance Engine Performance along with the new L3 Hybrid Technology ASE certification.

Looking to become a License "Smog" Inspector



Maria Martinez: Former Student now owner of M.C.M Smog Test Only 

9118 S Figueroa St 

Los Angeles Ca. 90003

Open 7 Days a week

Contact info: 323-751-4400 

I am now teaching in Los Angeles Ca., Abram Friedman Occupational Center in Down Town Los Angeles Ca.  All courses are at a very low price for anyone who interested in quality training for a cheap/low price.

Courses that I teach:

Engine Performance 1 and 2

Electricity and Electronics 1 and 2

California Inspector "Smog" License

California Repair "Smog" License

California Update Training to renew your Smog License

This website will concentrate on computer control drive-ability, OBD2, Smog Check Inspector, Repair license,  Emissions issues, electrical training, and troubleshooting. I will be sharing real world experience and information from my classroom. Along with some of my in class lecture content. 

I will be posting the theory, and real world solutions and hands-on training from the basic fundamental information to advance troubleshooting. 

We will be discussing Scantool operation, lab scope training and of course electrical training everyone's favorite subject. Don't forget emissions and engine performance troubleshooting. 

Former Student: Cesar Navarro now shop Foreman of Beverly Hill Lexus 

This site is a peek into my classroom and or Smog Tech Training with no cost to you. 

Honestly, the majority of my training is on emissions, drive-ability, OBD2  and turning off the check engine light along with getting my student's passing the State Board Examination and certified as smog and repair technicians and passing the ASE certification examinations.

No, all of my students are not here for smog license certification. I have students learning too work on their own car or to get a job as an intern at a local shop or dealership. 

Some students have even open their own shop's and have been successful.

Former Student: Rudy Caraves Mercedes Benz Technician 

Smog Tech Training:

So browse through the site all the main categories are on the tabs on the left and from there it dives into each sub - category. 

If there is anything you would like to see or learn about concerning emissions, or drive-ability, post your concerns, and I will try to implement it on this website if I can. 


Los Angeles County Repair and Inspector "Smog" License Classes at a very reasonable price. SIGN UP TODAY!!