The TSI "Two Speed Inspection" Inspection is only required in Basic and Change of Ownership Smog Check Program Areas and in Enhanced Smog Check Program

Areas for vehicles that are incompatible with the ASM inspection. 

The TSI inspection includes two test sequences; a 2500 RPM test and an idle test.

Inspectors must ensure that the applicable before-test-conditions specified in are met before beginning the TSI inspection.

Once the applicable before-test-conditions are met, follow the EIS prompts to conduct the TSI inspection.



The 2500 RPM test is first and runs for 30 seconds. Follow the EIS prompts to complete the 2500 RPM test.

• Upon completion of the 2500 RPM test, the EIS will transition to the idle test. Return the throttle to idle and complete the idle test as prompted by the EIS.

• The EIS may prompt special test sequences for vehicles with known test incompatibilities. These special test sequences accommodate unique vehicle designs and must be followed exactly. Not following the sequence could result in vehicle damage.

• Inspectors shall not artificially load the engine to achieve a testable idle RPM. This includes, but is not limited to, putting vehicle into gear and turning accessories on.

In Summary the two types of TSI Test are the 2500 RPM and Idle Test

Note: If the vehicle fails the TSI emissions test, the EIS will automatically prompt for an additional conditioning procedure, and then transition to a second chance emissions test. 

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