Licensed Smog Check stations must be open and available to the general public for Smog Check services. Stations may not discriminate based on race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, disability, marital status, or national origin. 

Limited Service - Test and Repair Station- Before conducting the initial inspection, stations shall disclose to the customer orally and in writing (on the estimate) any of the following:

 A Test and Repair station does not have the adequate equipment, personnel, tools or reference materials to repair the vehicle, should the vehicle fail its inspection.

 A Test and Repair station, as matter of policy, does not repair certain types, makes or models of vehicles.

 A Test and Repair station, as matter of policy, does not repair certain types of vehicle inspection failures.


Limited Service -Repair Only Station

 A Repair Only station shall only accept a vehicle for repair if the station has the necessary equipment, tools, personnel, diagnostic and repair materials to repair that vehicle. If not, the vehicle shall not be accepted for repair.

 A Repair Only station is not obligated to accept a vehicle for repair if the station, as a matter of policy, chooses not to repair certain types, makes or models of vehicles, or certain types of inspection failures.


If a test and repair station does not have adequate equipment, personnel, tools or reference materials to repair the vehicle if it fails. Advise the customer of those circumstances both and orally and in writing before testing the vehicle

Sublet Inspection and Repair A Licensed Smog Check station cannot sublet Smog Check inspections or repairs required as part of the Smog Check program.


Repair Cost Limit Sign 

Each Smog Check station shall display a BAR provided cost limit sign conspicuously in an area frequented by customers. 

Unlicensed Activity

Smog Check tests and repairs must only be performed by a licensed technician in a licensed Test and Repair station. 



Posting of Prices

The station shall post conspicuously in an area frequented by customers a list of prices for the specific activities for which it is licensed.

 Posted prices shall include the price charged for inspections, re-inspection, if any, and any other associated charges.

 The station shall post any additional charges such as prices for vans and/or heavy duty vehicles, if such prices differ from passenger car inspection prices.

 The hourly labor charge for repairs shall be posted, if the station imposes an hourly charge for repairs.

 The price of a Smog Check certificate shall be posted separately from the price of the inspection and re-inspection, if any. Note: Customers shall be charged the same price for certificates as that paid by the station. Sales tax does not apply to the sale of the certificate.




The station shall make, keep secure, and have available for inspection upon request by BAR, or its representative, legible records showing the station's transactions as a licensee for a period of not less than three years after completion of any transaction to which the records refer.

All records shall be open for reasonable inspection and/or reproduction by BAR or its representative for a period of not less than three years. Station records required to be maintained shall include copies of:

 Repair orders relating to inspections, and repair activities;

 Vehicle Inspection Reports

 Records of all certificates in stock and/or issued. The above listed station records shall be maintained in such a manner that the records for each transaction are kept together, to facilitate access to records by BAR or its representative. 

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