All required equipment shall be up-to-date, maintained in good working condition, and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer standards and applicable BAR specifications.


The BAR-97 Emissions Inspection System (EIS) shall be maintained and calibrated per the current BAR-97 EIS Specifications. The BAR-97 EIS shall be calibrated only with BAR approved gases from a BAR certified gas vendor.

The BAR-97 requires calibration every 72hrs or 3days with approved BAR gas

When you calibrate the BAR 97 its good practice to calibrate the Low Pressure Evap Tester "LPET"

The BAR-97 EIS and the OIS shall have the most current software and hardware updates required by BAR.

Only BAR authorized representatives or authorized manufacturer representatives shall have access to the locked areas of the BAR-97 EIS or to the components or software located within the OBD Data Acquisition Device (DAD) for service, inspection, or replacement, as necessary.

The LPFET shall be maintained and calibrated per the current LPFET Specification.


Required Equipment Electronic Transmission

Vehicle data and test results from the BAR-97 EIS and from the OIS shall be transmitted to the Vehicle Information Database (VID) via an Internet connection.

The OIS shall be connected to BAR’s Web page through an Internet connection. The Internet connection may be shared with other devices, but must remain connected at all times. 

In other words if the OIS loses communication the smog inspection must be aborted until the communication is reestablish, the inspection on the OIS can not be done off line. 



Required Equipment Location

The BAR-97 EIS and the OIS shall be used within a building. The BAR-97 EIS and the OIS shall not be used in an environment that would subject them to excessive heat, cold, dust, or moisture.

The LPFET may be used either within or outside a building, but shall not be stored outdoors.

While performing a smog inspection and the EIS says HC Hang up you can clean the filters hoses and the exhaust probe. 

If you receive a warning indicating low flow make sure the car tire is not parked on the sample hose or the filters are not plugged along with the sample probe. 

Do not use alcohol or water these chemicals may damage the smog analyzer. 

The smog inspector or smog technician can repair certain items on the EIS or OIS to help maintain the analyzers.

Smog Technician can change filters

Smog Technician can replace paper and the printer

Smog Technician can switch out the monitor

The smog technician can also replace the gas bottles on the LPET, but remember on the LPET uses nitrogen. Its a little different from the BAR 97 EIS "Emission Inspection Analyzer"

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