OBD - On Board Diagnostics - Refers to the self test capability of a vehicle’s on board computer systems.

OBD Monitor- Refers to the on board evaluation of particular emission control related systems, devices or components.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OIS- OBD Inspection System

O2 - Oxygen: A colorless, odorless gas that makes up about 20 percent of the earth's atmosphere and is necessary for fuel combustion. Referee Facility - A

Referee Facility is a state contracted vehicle emissions test facility that provides certain Smog Check services for motorists. A Referee Facility is authorized to offer specialized inspection services that are beyond the scope of California's licensed Smog Check stations.

Referee Label - A label used to provide engine and emission control information for unusual vehicles and or emission control configurations. These include, SPCNS, grey market vehicles, vehicles with engine changes. Referee labels are affixed by the BAR Referee.

Repair Only Station- A station licensed by BAR to diagnose, adjust and repair failed vehicles.

Replacement Engine - A replacement engine is defined as follows:

1. A new, rebuilt, remanufactured, or used engine of the same make, number of cylinders, and engine family as the original engine with the original emission controls reinstalled

2. An engine which matches a configuration offered by the manufacturer for that year, make and model of vehicle, and the appropriate emission controls for the installed engine, and chassis components are present and connected.

Smog Check Inspector- A state license that allows an individual to inspect and certify vehicles subject to Smog Check in all areas of the state.

Smog Check Technician- A state license that allows qualified individuals to diagnose, adjust and repair vehicles subject to Smog Check in all areas of the state.

SPCNS - Specially Constructed Vehicle Vehicle  – “A “specially constructed vehicle” is a vehicle which is built for private use, not for resale, and is not constructed by a licensed manufacturer or remanufactured.

A specially constructed vehicle may be built from (1) a kit; (2) new or used, or a combination of new and used, parts; or (3) a vehicle reported for dismantling .… when reconstructed, does not resemble the original make of the vehicle dismantled. A specially constructed vehicle is not a vehicle which has been repaired or restored to its original design by replacing parts

STAR Station Certification- A voluntary certification program that allows stations meeting the eligibility requirements to test directed vehicles and, as applicable, perform state subsidized repairs- CAP repairs.

Tampered - Any emission control component which is missing, modified or disconnected.

Test and Repair Station - A station licensed by BAR to conduct inspections and, when needed, diagnose, adjust and repair failed vehicles.

Test Only Station - A station licensed by BAR to conduct inspections only. Test Only stations may perform initial inspections of directed vehicles. USEPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency

VID - Vehicle Information Database 

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