Emission Test Abort Conditions (ASM/TSI) If an inspector determines the vehicle is unsafe, unfit, or incompatible with the tailpipe emissions inspection, they shall reject the vehicle from the inspection, or if the inspection has started, abort the inspection.

Examples of unsafe, unfit, and incompatible conditions include, but are not limited to: 


Smog Check Aborts

• Unsafe - gasoline leaks, large coolant leaks, faulty brakes, tire failure;

• Unfit - low oil pressure, overheating, idle RPM outside of required limits;

• Incompatible - traction control will not disengage. The EIS will automatically abort the inspection for the following reasons:

• Test equipment failure;

• Test equipment power loss;

• The ASM test has been restarted more than twice; or

• Vehicle unable to achieve the required ASM speed.

In the case of an inspection abort, the EIS will display a list of abort codes. Select the code(s) that best describes cause of the inspection abort.

If “OTHER” is used as the reason for abort, the inspector must document the specific reason(s) for the aborted inspection on all copies of the Vehicle Inspection Report.



Example of Smog Check Aborts

You notice there is a fuel leak in the rear of the vehicle on a front wheel drive configuration. Would you abort this test, the leak is not near the dyno?

Smog-Check-Aborts: Answer

Yes this Smog Check Aborts, a fuel leak is a safety hazard no matter were the leak the gas leak is located.

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