Inspectors shall complete the functional tests in accordance with the inspection procedures described in this manual and as prompted by the EIS or OIS. Inspectors shall not falsely enter “Not Applicable,” “No,” or otherwise skip a functional test required for the vehicle being tested. 

All stations (including Test-Only stations) must follow the procedures specified by the vehicle manufacturer necessary to perform required Smog Check functional tests.

Example: To check the base ignition timing, an under-hood emission control label specifies that the engine speed must be set (raised) to 1000 RPM and then returned to 700 RPM upon completion. 

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Malfunction Indicator Light (OBD I and OBD II) When applicable, the malfunction indicator light (MIL), or “Check Engine Light”, shall be checked on all vehicles equipped with either a first generation (OBD I) or second generation (OBD II) on-board diagnostics system. Enter “N” when not applicable.

To check the MIL "Malfunction Indicator Light" function test, the inspector shall turn the ignition to the “key on engine off” (KOEO) position, observe the MIL operation and then start the engine “key on engine running” (KOER).

The MIL should illuminate in the KOEO "Key On Engine Off" position and extinguish when the engine is started and in the KOER "Key On Engine Running" position. A brief period of illumination during start up is normal.

Always follow the EIS or OIS prompts to enter test results.


Pass/Fail Criteria:

• A “Pass” entry indicates that the MIL properly operates and service or repairs are not needed.

• A “Fail” entry indicates that the MIL does not illuminate at all in the KOEO position, or the MIL illuminates continuously or flashes with the engine running during the functional test of the MIL.

The KOEO/KOER procedures may vary for keyless ignition systems and some conventional key systems. In these cases, use the vehicle manufacturer procedure to complete the “KOEO/KOER” sequences.

Note: During a smog check the MIL light comes on then goes off but during the functional portion of the test it passes. This vehicle would pass the functional portion of the test.

Note: Maintenance reminders are not part of the Smog Check inspection. Do not confuse a maintenance reminder, based on time and mileage, with the MIL.

A maintenance light is considered an oil change light on older cars it would be the O2 sensor light, EGR maintenance light. These lights are there to remind the driver to service the vehicle. 

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