Gasoline and diesel vehicles, excluding hybrids, which are subject to a Smog Check inspection, must be tested for visible smoke. Other than the time when the snaps are performed and the EIS / OIS data entry prompts, the Visible Smoke Test procedures are the same for gasoline and diesel vehicles. However the pass/fail standards are different.


Summary of Test Procedures:

• Idle Test - Observe the tailpipe exhaust plume of the vehicle for 10 seconds.

• Crankcase Test - Observe the engine crankcase for 10 seconds.

• BAR Snap Test - Quickly push-and-release the accelerator pedal from idle position to between 2,000 and 3,000 RPM, then immediately allow the engine to return to idle.

• Enter the test result into the EIS or OIS.

• Document any failure on the Vehicle Inspection Report, and the customer’s invoice.

Note: Do not check for smoke during the first BAR snap Test


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