Note: Inspectors must verify all applicable entries are complete and accurate and, if not, make the necessary corrections. If an error is found after changes no longer can be made, abort the inspection and start over using the correct information. 

Vehicle Identification

Number License Plate Number (If no plate, enter “NONE”)

Current Odometer Reading 

Exhaust Configuration, when prompted (Single or Dual) - BAR-97 only


Vehicle Type Code (PC, TRK, MH, GOV, PFR) - BAR-97 only)

Government Fleet BAR File number

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (See section 1.7.1 for more information)

Vehicle Make Body Type - BAR-97 only

Vehicle Model Name

Number of Cylinders - BAR-97 only

Engine Size - BAR-97 only

Transmission Type - BAR-97 only

Certification Type; (CA, FED, Referee)

BAR Referee Label Number

Fuel Type (4) Engine Make (Motor Homes, Referee) - BAR-97 only

Engine Year (Motor Homes, Referee) - BAR-97 only


(1) For government vehicles do not enter “E” preceding the plate number; enter the last 7 digits.

(2) Enter the odometer reading as displayed. Do not attempt to estimate vehicle mileage or convert from kilometers to miles. If the odometer is missing or illegible, enter “NONE”.

(3) For the purposes of a Smog Check inspection, the BAR Referee Label provides the certification type and emission control requirements for kit cars – Specially Constructed (SPCNS) vehicles, grey market vehicles, and vehicles with engine changes. When inspecting a vehicle equipped with a Referee label, enter “R” for vehicle certification type. Do not inspect SPCNS, grey market vehicles or vehicles with an engine change unless equipped with a BAR Referee Label.

(4) Inspect a dual/bi-fuel vehicle using the fuel in which the vehicle was operating on when it arrived at the station.

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