Government Fleet: Smog Check inspection requirements apply to government fleet vehicles. To help verify compliance, government fleets are required to submit an annual inspection report (Annual Reporting Transmittal) found at

Government fleets are issued a BAR identification number known as a “BAR file number”. Unless the fleet representative requests a certificate of compliance, the BAR file number is required when inspecting a government fleet vehicle. 

 Certificate Not Required - A biennial certificate of compliance is not required for a government fleet vehicle. On BAR97 EIS, selecting “G” or “government” for the vehicle type will cause the EIS to ask for the BAR file number, thereby preventing a certificate of compliance from being issued. The BAR-OIS will ask if the vehicle is government and entering “yes” will cause a prompt for the BAR file number. In either case, no certificate is issued and no certificate fee shall be charged.

 Request for Certificate- A government agency may request an inspection without a BAR file number, or may request a certificate of compliance for title transfer purposes. In these cases, do not select “government” as the vehicle type. Proceed with the inspection as you would for any other vehicle. If the vehicle passes, a Smog Check certificate will be issued. The certificate fee applies in the same manner as a non-government vehicle.

 License Plate - If a government vehicle displays an “E” at the beginning of the license plate, do not enter the “E.” Some government license plate numbers or assigned vehicle IDs may exceed seven digits. In these cases, enter the last seven digits of the number. Note: If testing federal government vehicles the license plate issuing state will be District of Columbia (DC).


Government fleet vehicles are not eligible for repair cost waivers or consumer assistance. 


Private Fleets: Private fleet inspection facilities must be licensed as a fleet Smog Check station and must employ licensed Smog Check technicians to conduct inspections and repair. Private fleet vehicles are subject to the test type applicable to the program area in which the vehicle is garaged and operated. Example: If a fleet vehicle is registered to an office in an enhanced area, but the vehicle is garaged and operated in a basic area, a basic area inspection would apply.

Private fleet vehicles are not eligible for repair cost waivers or consumer assistance. 

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