California's Smog Check Inspector's State Exam Preparation

Smog Check Inspector #1

This free online quiz will test your ability of understanding what to do when conducting a smog inspection. 

Here are some knowledge base questions:

When the sample hose doesn't reach the vehicle what is the procedure?

Gas calibration: When is the calibration performed

What is HC hang Up: What can cause this and why?

How do you test a motor home that's over 30 feet

Should the technician go inside the smog machine and exam an issue when they suspect a problem?

Do we still use telephone lines, how does the state communicate with the E.I.S. Remember the system was updated.

Understand other HC hang issues, do to improper calibration

Understanding emissions failures and cost waivers: what is the proper procedure

How long is the cost waiver good for, or does it ever expire

Customer Obligation: what are the technician obligations to the consumer

Do you know how many areas of the state need a smog check

Customer obligation when transferring registration from person to person or spouse to spouse

Gross Polluters: Do you understand what is a gross polluter, and what is the technician obligation to getting the vehicle certified.

Star Stations: What is a Star station verses an ordinary Test or Test and repair shop

Visual Inspection: Can you properly identify a vehicle for the proper smog inspection, what is the technicians obligation to the consumer, when you can't identify the vehicle. 

Visual Inspection: Can you determine the difference between a modified component verses a disconnected, or defective emission control component. 

What if you see a hose rubbing on the exhaust manifold how would you enter this into E.I.S.

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Nate Davis: Engine Performance / Automotive Emissions Instructor

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