Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training

This course most be taken every five years 

Specified Diagnostic and Repair.........

If you are a license Repair Technician and need to maintain your Technicians Repair license, you must keep your ASE Certifications current, the certificates are the ASE certifications in Automotive Electronics / Electrical A6,  Engine Performance A8, and the Advance Engine Performance L1.

You are require to keep your ASE's  current before they expire.

You can not renew your Repair License if one of your certification's has expire. 

You will need these certifications and the BAR Update Training course to complete your license renewal.

Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training Requirements

If you do not have the ASE Certifications, you must have the  Bar certification current every 5 years and complete BAR Update Training class.

Abram Friedman is now offering this course in Down Town Los Angeles Ca. 1646 S Olive St 90015 at a very low price with quality training.

Note: To keep the Inspector License you will need to complete the BAR online course; The BAR Update Training and a valid Diagnostic and Repair Training Certificate, will keep your repair license current. 

You must go to a certified school and pass their final examination to get a certification in replacement for the ASE Certifications along with the BAR Update Training if needed.

The BAR will no longer accept interchanging the ASE with any other certifications. The ASE Alternative will no longer satisfy the requirements; you have to have all the ASE's or the B.A.R. Specified Diagnostic Training Certifications.

The New Bar Specified Diagnostic and Repair Training has taken the place of the Old ASE Alternative Certificates the new certification is good for five years upon completion date.

If you choose to go to a class for the repair license renewal keep Abram Friedman Occupational in mind we have a low cost course "less than $500.00" with quality training.

We offer online study guides that I actually put together to assist you in passing the final examination and this information is free from me to you when you join my class.

Specified Diagnostic and Repair: 

License Inspectors: 

All technicians that possess an Inspector license can now take a Bar inspector update course, "for free" this is equivalent to 4 hours in length and is available on the Bar website and is free of charge.

www.smogcheck.ca.gov under the training tab.

Once the update training has been completed submit a license renewal form with your proof of completion along with the $20 application fee to the Bar licensing division.

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Emission Control 1:

(Inspector  "Smog" License): 8am - 1:45pm 

8/15/2017 - 9/22/2017

11/03/2016 - 11/28/2017

Class # 799065

Engine Performance 1:

 8am - 1:45pm


Class # 799069

Engine Performance 2:

(Repair "Smog" License) 8am - 1:45pm

close until Jan 2018

Class # 799071

Emission Control 1

(Inspector "Smog" License):6pm - 8:45pm

M/W nights: 8/16/2017 - 12/13/2017

Class # 799065

Emission Control 2: 

(Repair "Smog" License):

close until Jan. 2018

M/W nights N/A

Class # 799067

Exhaust Emissions (Update Class):

5:30 pm - 8:45 pm 

Tuesday nights: 

8/15/2017 - 9/19/2017

09/26/2017 - 10/31/2017

11/07/2017 - 12/12/2017

Class # 796070